Members News of the Heritage Foundation

TCF does not have one word of dissatisfaction of the Heritage Foundation’s accomplishments or efforts.  All of America, except Her enemy in our midst, should be thankful of all that the Heritage Foundation does towards protecting the Founders’ principles.  But we do not notice in ‘Victories for the Conservative Movement’ much will change.  Where is the attack on America’s cancer, her anti-Americans who are the underground that socialize America into a global government and destroys her foundation, the Constitution?  That enemy must be gotten out of the way to accomplish the Heritage Foundation’s message.  They are America’s cancer.

In America’s 60 plus years of attempting to overcome America’s enemy, only bandaids have been applied to the sores America experiences, which have only allowed the cancer that destroys Americanism to grow.  And that should answer why a cabal of anti-Americans control the administration and half of Congress to gain their objective.  There will be no solution for an American Dream as long as they are in the way to prevent it.  That 60 year history of bandaids, allowing the cancer to spread, must be cut out with it’s roots, their political movement destroyed, and their ability to arise from the dead nullified with a permanent solution.

There is a solution.  It comes out of TCF’s knowledge of knowing the Socialist’s mind, their methods, and how they succeed.  Amend the definition of Treason in the Constitution to include all those who secretly and openly work to undermine our Founder’s principles!

In the meantime, so that the voters will have an idea of the mentality of those seeking office, TCF has addressed the Congress to require FBI background checks on all the wannabes and appointees to sensitive positions as to where their loyalty lies.  The checks should be made public of the findings for the voters to judge as they see fit.

Toby Elster


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