Open Letter to Mr Karl Rove

The Constitutional Foundation pursues ‘Exposing Socialism, Our Enemy Within’s Best Kept Secret’.  It was incorporated in 2002, 32 years after curiosity drove me to find out what went wrong with America.  TCF has already made its mark, exposing the socialization of America in a mere four years, with a small budget.  We understand America’s enemy in our midst from A to Z.  Obama didn’t surprise use, we knew what he was; we told many people; and since TCF is not politically correct, we’ve always called him a Communist.  And I tell you he is going down BIG in November.  The untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of treason and treachery, uncovered in the research’ we spread that message!  TCF has never been challenged as to accuracy; in fact, it is the opposite, encouragement that TCF receives.  It keeps us fighting to awaken patriotic America to what is happening in America.

TCF now puts forth the solution to win America’s political internal war for a patriotic America of half a century ago.  TCF brings it to your attention because, even if Conservative Republicans win big in the coming election, it is not a guarantee that much will change or that the Constitution won’t be destroyed.  A book could be written on why; but sans explanations, to accomplish restoration of Patriotic America, the following must be accomplished:

1. The anti-American enemy in our midst must be gotten out of the way.

2. Their political movement must be destroyed.

3. That must be done on a permanent basis or the enemy will be back to try again.

4. The Constitution must be amended to be able to protect itself.

5. The solution to America’s foreign Fascist problem that TCF puts forth does all the above!

But that is only a start.  Socialism is so deeply seeped into American society, its culture and mores have taken on a socialistic view point and belief.  It was done by our Socialist Educators who took control of the public schools in the 1950’s and dumbed down education to complement their beliefs.  The public schools’ patriotic curriculum has to be restored too, if America is going to recapture Her Founder’s principles by the society.

Toby Elster



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