‘America Speaks’ Jim DeMint

Yes, ‘America Speaks’, but those that speak for Her appear to be stuck in mud ruts, holes, detour etc., that has led America into the ‘government’ of an enemy in our midst, that has – and continues – to lead America down the road to more Socialism, and a hoped-for global anti-American government.

Piles of mail and phone calls such as the Club for Growth’s reveal America’s problems.  But where in the world is the vision to change them?  There is no forward look for America’s future in how to attain that future again!

All that crosses The Constitutional Foundation’s desk, for America’s future, are the roots of failure.  America has a growing cancer, and it has only been addressed with band-aids — while cancers need to be cut out with their roots.  So let’s get serious.

Congress cannot cure America’s problems, even when Obama and his cabal of anti-Americans are sent packing.  The Constitutional Foundation has dug deep into America’s problems, understands what went wrong politically — and why — in America’s 20th Century, and has put for a solution.  TCF was successful making the socialization of America common knowledge in a mere four years.  Now it’s efforts are concentrated on the Restoration of the America that worked, which the success to accomplishment must become common knowledge too.

The solution to America’s problems, which requires getting the enemy in her midst out-of-the-way, is a simple addition to the definition of Treason to make America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers the traitors they are, punishable for Treason.  Read our suggested Amendment.

Toby Elster


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