‘Bachmann warning on Muslim group…’ Response

It is disgusting that reporters write and don’t know a thing of what they write about. (Kevin Diaz in Star Tribune via Wichita Eagle 7/19/12) ‘Rep. Bachmann is facing a public firestorm over her accusations that the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the federal government and working for ‘America’s demise'”.

TCF is not aware of the government, but the reporters should go to the colleges and see the Muslim groups, and their distaste for America and Israel.  The Brotherhood has deemphasized radicalism for the ballot box to place their Caliph at the top of the world.  That Sen. McCain would become a distraction over the issue is just as disgusting.  Our efforts here are to rid of the ‘old dogs’ such as McCain.

The Constitutional Foundation is not familiar with Brotherhood’s penetration into the government, but we understand the Brotherhood issue and what they are.  ‘Muslim Groups’ are misleading.  It is the Islamics that are the problem — not necessarily Muslims.  Islamics are the followers of Mohammed.  It is from them that the jihadist and the Brotherhood arose.  The Brotherhood are fundamentalists and demand Sharia Law.  Their beliefs are for a Caliph to rule the world; no different than the U.N.’s global government beliefs.

Keep it up Rep. Bachmann!

Toby Elster


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