Letter to the Editor of Wall Street Journal

The aside, Law Journal, ‘Proceedings’ headlined ‘Stolen Valor, Added Perk,” by Chelsea Phipps; as a Veteran, I object to the Supreme Court’s ruling of ‘Stealing our Valor.’  The first amendment should have limits.  Sworn testimony in courts have limits to be honest.  Attorney’s code, believe it or not, require honesty, as a law of natural origin.  But where in print, referring to ‘freedom of the press’ is there honesty required; and that is an omission.  It has always been considered, by practice, as unlimited by the First Amendment.  Those rights should also be limited to honesty as it pertains to bias and censorship, in the news.

Had ‘Freedom of the Press’ had such a codicil, would the socialization of America been able to be censored out by America’s abetting media?  Censorship, of the socialization of America by the Fabians, began approximately in 1915 under Woodrow Wilson.  It is still hidden and never told to the people to this day.  At least the conservative media is filling some of the void.  And the treachery and treason of some of America’s greatest traitors are being exposed.

Toby Elster


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