The Economist – Letter to the Editor

Reference ‘Letters’; July 21, 2012; “Selecting Schools”, by Allan Lang of North Carolina.  What Mr. Lang wrote is only partially correct.  There are several for-profit Charter School Companies here.  But I address why America even needs Charter Schools.  That we can blame on the darn English for allowing the Fabians to spread their Marxism through the Western World.

Should your readers not be aware, as most Americans are not, that the Webb’s, Sidney and Beatrice, could not get the workers to revolt, they dumped Karl Marx’s revolution ideas, and decided that a society could be changed, against the people’s will, through education — to cure the world’s poverty.  They proved their theory in the colleges of Western Europe, named their movement Fabians, and that’s when they should have been stopped.  Instead, they came to America to do the same, to create their world of Socialism and a global government — to cure the world’s poverty!  They attracted money and progressed.

In America, they moved their New Education into the colleges to educate America’s second tier or government into Socialism, and penetrated the K-12 public schools.  In the 1950’s they accomplished capturing the teacher’s association and turned it into a union for political power.  Then they started dumbing down American education.

In the 1970’s, the Conservatives despised President, Jimmy Carter, gave the Education-Socialists the Department of Education; and now they had control of what was taught in the classrooms.  The U.N.’s worldview moved in and Americanism was eased out.  A resistance began, and numerous school programs came to be to counter the socialist indoctrination.  It opened the school’s problems to the public, and the Education-Socialists are moving to the defensive.  Eventually, they’ll be out, America’s public education will turn to Patriotism again, and America will show the world the road to peace and prosperity again.  One can bet on it, and be on the winning side!

Toby Elster


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