Citizens Against Government Waste

Thank you for the letter to defund the United Nations.  It is good to know another takes on the U.N. as an anti-American menace to what America stands for.  I’ve been after them, trying to get NGOs, such as the Lions Club International to break their association with the U.N.; with no success.  It only revealed what an enormous education project we face, for America’s sake.  Recently, the U.N.’s useful idiots offered the City of Wichita grants for United Nations Agenda 21, on their way to create the North American Union for their global government’s New World Order.  Since few Americans even know what the U.N. is really about, the Constitutional Foundation moved to educate them.  When our local paper did the usual on America’s socialized media; one of America’s greatest traitors, TCF addressed their censorship.

The Constitutional Foundation concurs with the Citizens Against Government Waste that the U.N> should be defunded.  Will defunding stop their activity in America, and the undermining of the Constitution which stands in their way of their global government?  That is very doubtful.  But there is a solution to stopping their activity in America.

TCF moves to silence America’s anti-American Constitution-destroyers in our midst.  It moves to make them traitors, prosecutable for Treason for their intent to destroy the Constitution.  A simple addition to the definition of Treason in the Constitution can accomplish that.  That is Plan A: a permanent solution to be used against the U.N.’s activists.  Perhaps, even force them to leave America, or else get 25 years to think over their folly.

Plan B, a temporary objective, to give the voters a means to judge the loyalty to America’s founding principles of the wannabes for public office.  It would curtail the number of anti-Americans ending up in Congress — the useful idiots who support the anti-American United Nations’ boosters operating in America.  This is outlined in America Needs Internal Security.

Citizens Against Government Waste should also move to awaken the grassroots with a dual attack on the United Nations; by mentioning Plan A in their letters.

For America’s Sake,

Toby Elster


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