Don’t Roll Over and Play Dead – PUSHBACK

The Constitutional Foundation was aware, from over forty years of researching the truths of America’s enemy in our midst, Her anti-American Constitution-destroyers, even their mentality of Communism, which led your Constitution Foundation to expose the socialization of America in a mere four years.  That was the first step necessary to restoring America’s Founders’ principles to lead America back to the road of peace and prosperity to make america great once again.

When Barack Obama was nominated for President, TCF knew what his ‘change’ meant; more socialism for America.  Six months later TCF knew he was a Communist.  After being elected, appointing his Cabinet, the methods they used to enact legislations, proved their Communism.  It was the same methods of Lenin and Stalin.

Socialism vs Communism – NEVER; but love for each other always.  Lenin and Stalin both stated that Socialism was but the first step to Communism.  Simply, because Communism has no method of production, whereas Socialism is basically an economic system of Statism. Communism needs an economic system, and Statism is a mating system for Communism.  As Socialism begins to fail, the Elitists take more power over the people, while more and more control is required, and the dictatorship of Communism arrives.  The patterns is obvious in the European Union.  Also in the United Nations as their treaties move to control the people, and take control of the world’s economic, military and financial matters at the expense of America’s sovereignty.

It isn’t only Obama’s Communist objective to serve the United Nations.  All his misnomered Czars, his Cabinet appointees are mentality atuned Communists, who bow to his dictates. As a good Communist as he is, the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who bends, contorts, breaks, and ignores laws to accomplish their unAmerican and illegal pursuits toward accomplishing Obama’s objectives.  The Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, fights to shut down drilling for oil and gas under their beliefs that all fossil fuels are a threat to the planet.  This is backed up by another of Obama’s Communist mentalities, Environmental Protection Agency Director, Lisa Jackson, whose dictates enacting clean air and water laws, is shutting down coal mining, without a through to the consequences.  Coal is 50% of America’s industry fuels.  Alternate fuels, pushed by America’s Communist running the people’s government, are a farce.

they are inefficient, cause major price increases for fuel, and costly, all supported by government subsidies.  Ethanol plants are shutting down for lack of a corn supply and profits; wind requires a back-up system of the same one that has supplied America since electricity power was invented; solar is an economic bust as a replacement for major supplies of electricity; solar is an economic bust as a replacement for major supplies of electricity.  So America’s ruling Communists destroy America’s energy supply, Her might and military, so America will cede Her sovereignty to the U.N.

Pushback!!! against the insanity of allowing America’s enemy in our midst.  Use the Constitution to fight back.  When checkmated by government power, pushback against the destruction of America’s power and military might.  Resist in all manners that are legal to America’s destruction.  Object in all manners of communications to the anti-Americans running government.  Refuse to comply, even to the point of threatened lawsuits.  Push Back!!!

Toby Elster


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