Response to the UN Small Arms Treaty and Sen. Rand Paul

The Constitutional Foundation stands behind the NAGR and wish you all the luck necessary to successfully complete your objective.  But it is not enough.  either you do not know the enemy in our midst, who is the driving force to confiscate America’s guns, or underestimate their power, or ignore it.  These people don’t allow failure.  If they fail this time, they’ll try again, and again, and again.  Sooner or later they will be back to attain a world government.

Furthermore, Obama is a Communist with the mind of Lenin or Stalin.  HIs administration has several others, such as Secretary of Interior, Ken Salazar, the EPA Director, Lisa Jackson, et al; not to mention those in Congress.  And America’s Education-Socialists control the public education from K-12, and have access to indoctrinate 48.5 million children annually — should you wonder why our youth support  Communist for president.

America’s enemy in Her midst, the anti-American Constitution-destroyers, must be gotten out of the way; their political power nullified, and their movement destroyed for  Permanent solution to stopping the Socialists, America’s New World Order Globalists, and the United Nations from destroying Americanism for a European Democratic-Socialist nation; which is in an economic disaster already, and moving towards a Communistic dictatorship, if it doesn’t fall apart first.

Toby Elster


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