To Attorney General Eric Holder

The Constitutional Foundation thanks the American Border Patrol for their efforts and a good job, done mostly with their hands tied.  What went wrong with America is enclosed.  The answers and solution is being introduced to the American Border Patrol Group.  Much of the explanation is set out be Joseph Farah’s commentary.  Our research, not from being one, but dug out of the literatures came up with similar answers.

In summary, America is socialized; Obama is a Communist; his cabinet has others in it, and Congress is about 50% of their beliefs too.  Mr. Farah, of World Net Daily, was addressed and asked why he doesn’t call Obama a Communists.  If the public knew, he might get 30% of the votes.

Understanding the minds of our Administration, and we determined how come it came to be, leads us to the solution.  THere is only one way that the Eric Holders can be ‘talked to’.  Get rid of them.  Communists are never wrong so they are bound and determined to have their way, obtained with any means.  And Obama’s actions and objectives bare that out.

TCF alerts the Conservative Patriotic Americans, and either way the elections goes, the suggested amendment to the definition of treason should be a must, regardless of how November goes.  Spread the message that Obama is a Communist, and that there is a solution to those anti-American Constitution-destroyers in America’s midst, for America’s sake.

Toby Elster


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