To the Honorable Michele Bachmann

The Constitutional Foundation can only wish you the best of luck come November.  We can not imagine any Minnesotans who would not support you.  Knowing how you fight, your concerns and fears should be relieved early in the vote count.

TCF apologizes for intruding when your concerns are mountainous with the elections.  But TCF is very concerned about Americas survival, and that she continues having a need for the Michele Bachmanns.  TCF attempts to cover all futures events, especially if they become unfavorable — and currently they are.  Michele Bachmann, as the leader of the Tea Party caucus, TCF wishes to assure your efforts remain their influencer as they are the leaders to SAVE AMERICA.  They must be the leaders of the groundswell of the grassroots to win America’s internal war that will get America’s enemy in our midst out of the people’s way, and their movement destroyed.  The Tea Parties must coalesce around a common goal and move with the same message to create the force that will see to it that our anti-American traitors are made punishable for Treason.  The people need their country back, and the Constitution needs a way to defend itself.

Obama is going to ‘go down’ in November.  People don’t make that same mistake twice.  Probably not big enough to suit TCF, but good riddance!  Except he will not be gone. His mentality is of those who support him, the anti-Americans. There will be others ready to follow him.  Obama is a Communist and it is hard to understand why he isn’t labeled one.  If it is political protocol, that shouldn’t take precedence over the truth.  Furthermore, Obama and Reid, with their gross lies, have thrown protocol in the trash can.

Toby Elster


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