An Alert! Be Aware!

The Republican National Convention was a roaring success.  It put the Democrats on the defensive.  The polls are all over the place, but a clear vision was laid out for Romney’s victory.  Obama could go down ‘big’!  What the Constitutional Foundation has been saying for several months could be taking place.  TCF never believed the people would make the same mistake twice.  What turned out to be a Communist White House.  Obama fooled the people with his change.  He was talking about Socialism.  He lied to the people constantly.  Obama did rule and spend the taxpayers money like he was a king.  He made shambles of the Rule of Law with Executive Orders, as he undermined the Constitution.

Rush Limbaugh all but called Obama a Communist as he set out what came out of the Convention that Obama had done to America.  That is where the danger still is.  What will he do to damage America in the rest of his time in office?

It is doubtful if America’s government of Communists will do much foolishness as long as they think they have a chance of winning the election.  But, how much damage will they do after the election when the prophets of his doom are right.  He remains in office, with all their authority, until Jan 20, 2013.

Be Alert!  Don’t allow your Congressional Representatives sleep on guard duty.  Don’t let them get careless and foolish and allow the House of Communists a free road to do as much damage to America as possible to move America to their objective of a global government under Socialism, by weakening America more.

SHOULD THE NIGHTMARE OCCUR AND ROMNEY LOSE THE ELECTION!  OBAMA IS IMPEACHABLE!  Under the oath he took, he promised to ‘preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.’  His actions were just the opposite.  He ignored it, pushed it aside, and debased, devalued, discredited, blemished, damaged, undermined, depreciated, corrupted the Constitution, and he lied under oath which is perjury.  The House of Representatives could already act and commence impeachment against Obama and his cabal of liars!
Toby Elster


One thought on “An Alert! Be Aware!

  1. I suppose a ridiculous attempt at impeachment could occur, but it would have far less basis than it did in Clinton’s case. In any instance, you had better plan for it, since the statistical likelihood for Obama’s re-election is now 80%. He’s leading in nearly every swing state. The reason for it is the ineptitude of the Romney campaign. This should have been a slam-dunk, but if the GOP comes across incompetent, it kills their chances.

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