Are there answers to the Near East?

Yes! but one has to forget what they have heard, read, or listened to from America’s controlled media; America’s socialized media.

A slight understanding of Mohammedism helps to understand who the principles are and why their divisions.  The recognized authority on Mohammed, used by the recognized writers-authors, is a book published in 1912 by the Roman Catholic Books of Harrison, New York, by Rep. J.L. Menezes, titled ‘The Life and Religion of Mohammed, The Prophet of Arabia’.  Mohammed was born in 570 AD and began his religious pursuits forty years later.  Those who followed him, he named Islamics.  His charismatic character attracted followers.  His religious beliefs and request of the changes began to annoy the Arabs and Muslims of Mecca, his birthplace.  They planned to kill him.  He fled to Medina, a Jewish settlement, who took him in. Mohammed betrayed them, captured the settlement and enslaved the Jews.  Even though he preached death to all who did not follow him, he let the Jews live, the producers and growers, providing they paid half their crops in taxes.  He and his followers became very wealthy.  Mohammed based his religion on Christian-Judeo foundation.  He created Allah as one god, made himself the prophet (like Moses), and took exceptions to his religious teaching he denied to his followers.  His teachings and ‘letters’ became the Koran.  In 650 AD the Koran was rewritten into it’s present form from the old papers and beliefs.  Upon Mohammed’s death, a fight broke out between Mohammed’s favorite wife, his son-in-law, and a faithful right-hand old time assistant.  It resolved into the followers of Ayshah, the Sunnis and the followers of the disposed of Ali, the son-in-law, the Shias or Shiits.  So it remains and the fight continues between the followers of Mohammed, the Islamics.

The Brotherhood came out of Egypt in the mid 1800s.  Started by an Imam in his mosque preaching fundamental Mohammedism.  In 1928, the Brotherhood began a political movement.  They demanded total adherence to Mohammedism and moved to place a caliph as ruler of the, hoped for, Arab world.  The rest is history.

The Middle East this past week: Chris Wallace on Fox News interviewed the President of Libya and Congressman Michael Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.  The Congressman did not agree with the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice.  He denied that the cause of the uprising was the movie on Mohammed.  That the uprising was planned and organized, while the President of Libya said the mob that killed the American Ambassador and the three other Americans came from all over.  He did mention that they had captured 40 of them.

The problem started in the White House from a Communists dictator’s mind.  That mind couldn’t be told that the Middle East was not as he believed it to be; friendly and in tune with his beliefs.  Obama campaigned for two days after Egypt exploded and the embassy was attacked.  His mind could not accept that it was happening.  On 9/11, George W. Bush was in Florida speaking to a class of children.  He was handed a note, read it, and finished the sentence, told the children, very calmly, that there was something important and he had to leave.  Within a few hours he was in a command post on top of the situation.  The Middle East explosion began when Obama’s weakness and lack of understanding that it couldn’t be any other way then what he believed was sensed by the Brotherhood.  They made their plans and waited for the right time when America’s weakened leadership’s guard was down.  Obama is the biggest disaster for the United States of AMerica since the South moved to cede from the Union!


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