Help America – Her need is crucial!

America is under attack by a powerful enemy in her midst who moves through our political system, our courts and organizations with deceit, pretense, and lying, who are moving to create America as a socialized society, which is already well advanced in every facet of American society, for America to cede Her sovereignty, military and economic might to the United Nations dictates and treaties.

Patriotic Americans must not only stop, but defeat these foreign Fascist ideologists of Socialism, which metamorphose into a Communist dictatorship by:

1. Win the Internal political war against America’s anti-American Constitution-destroying enemy.  Politically the Democrats lead them.

2. Get the enemy in our midst out-of-the-way so America can be restored to Her Founder’s principles and return America to the road of peace and prosperity the Founders created for Americans.

3. The enemy in our midst’s political power must be nullified and their movement destroyed.

4. The solution must be permanent to prevent the enemy in our midst from ever returning to try again.  Eventually they will.

5. The solution must prevent the enemy from ever trying again to undermine America’s Constitutional government by giving the Constitution the means to protect itself from another attack.

The solution to accomplish all of the above is possible with a simple addition to the Constitution’s definition of Treason by making all foreign fascist ideologues and Constitution-destroyers subject to prosecution of Treason.

The Republicans winning the election will not remove the enemy from America’s midst.  The enemy will go into ‘damage control’ and wait for the next election.  Socialists never give up, they wear their opponents down.  That’s why we must be aggressive.

Toby Elster


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