Letter to the Editor of the American Free Press

Victor Thorn’s “Executive Orders:…” (AFP, August 27) exposing their use by Presidents speaks loudly.  Comparing the number of EOs to the President’s background is very informative.  Compare Obama’s 134 Executive Orders to Clinton’s 364 against the damage doene and Clinton’s respect for the Rule of Law; Consider Clinton a patriotic American while Obama is an American sovereignty-destroyer serving the Socialistic/Communists United Nations.

The President’s background vs their Executive Orders say a lot:

Wilson (1807 Executive Orders): A Hagel Progressive/Fabian Marxist allowed Socialism into his administration.  He was a substitute candidate pushed by the High and Mighty one-worlders.  They silenced the media.

FDR (3522 Executive Orders):  A full blossomed Fabian Marxists and believer in the Soviet’s Communism, his New Deal was to socialize America’s society.  Unsuccessfully, he did set the foundation for the transfer of power from We, the People, to special interests with the Wagner Act.

Kennedy (214 Executive Orders):  Rather a quiet President.  His assassination, covered up I believe, but stacks up as orchestrated by organized crime faction for revenge of a broken promise by the Attorney General, Robert Kennedy.

Carer (320 Executive Orders):  A lap-dog for the United Nations globalists, did their bidding.  Inept!  Destroyed the Shah of Irana, an American friend.  Probably is responsible for the Mid-East’s current disruptions and destructions.

Clinton (364 Executive Orders):  Directed by the United Nations globalists also.  Has the common sense that Carter lacked.  Did put America first.

George W Bush (291 Executive Orders):  Kept the United Nations out of America’s foreign policy and the War on Terror.  History is still judging him.  The High and Mighty stuck their attack dogs on him for slighting the Untied Nations to discredit him.

Since FDR, only three presidents have kept the United Nation’s out of America’s foreign policy: Eisenhower, Reagan, and G.W. Bush.  At least two others, truman and Johnson are also contributors to the unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th century of traitors, treachery, and treason!

Toby Elster


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