Take Notice

The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday October 3; 1500 Hours; Six hours before the first Romney-Obama debate on Economics; ‘Poll Shows Slim Obama Lead’; 49% to 46% and a margin of error of 3.4%.  “Mr. Obama maintains a commanding lead among Hispanics, by 71%; young voters and women.’  The Constitutional Foundation asks why?

Obama leaves very little doubt that he is a Communist, dictating the laws he wants you to live under.  He ignores the Rule of Law; his Oath of Office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, which makes him a perjurer; and ignores the Constitution and even judge’s orders.  The followers of our Socialists are known as ‘useful idiots’ because they believe Socialism’s lies.  In the 1930’s and 40’s, those who were Communists or believers in the Soviet’s lies were ‘fellow travelers’.  As a wag noted, if one lays down with the pigs, when he gets up he smells like a pig.

Obama is a dismal failure as an American and as a President.  America’s economy is at rock bottom and in stagnation, at the cliff of inflation, and the job situation at it’s worst in decades, with spending out of control and wasting funds.  So what is it about the ‘useful idiots’ who support Obama?  A look at how free market economics work that they are backing  a proven loser, Obama, over his challenger, Mitt Romney, who will take over a ‘broken’ economy with no way for it to go but up.  Romney has saved broken economies before.

An economy’s behavior can be illustrated by diesel fuel.  Drop a little on your clothes and it creeps and creeps to saturate most of a skirt or pant’s leg.  So does an economy creep through out the society.  If it grows better and more financially sound, so it seeps through out the society benefitting all in numerous ways.  The opposite is true too as Obama has proven.  Welfarism and entitlements, which needs a growing economy to handle, has severe limits with a stagnant economy.  If it is welfare and entitlements that makes Hispanics, African Americans, compassionate youth and women, you have little to gain with a stagnant economy.

Think about it before you go to the polls!

Toby Elster


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