American Exceptionalism? No more, a failure of leadership.

Authors and writers of America’s Exceptionalism vary from a paragraph or two, articles, essays, and chapters of books.  It is a guess to wonder where they will take you.  An essay by Richard Gamble doesn’t question it with his ‘American Exceptionalism’ and divides it into the old and new.  He looks at it from a leadership point of view.  I say his arrow’s tail feathers were askew, it veered, and he didn’t even hit the target.  Leadership is important to make sure those who do the work have the way clear; nothing gets in their way of what must be done is what is important.  Those that create exceptionalism are the people.

Author Gambles Old American Exceptionalism: America into the early 20th Century — what was available in America that made America Exceptional then?  Freedom and private property with free-to-cheap land.  None of that was available from where the immigrants came that settled America.  The pioneers built America’s anatomy and organizations, the foundation of America that the Founders designed for them from which steered America onto the road of peace and prosperity.  Our leaders respected the Constitution and states reigned supreme.

Author Gambles New:  America changed when there was no more free arable land.  She became a nation with the problems of a settled but enlarging country.  But she grew economic and military powerful, weathered Her stagnant periods, to move into even greater Exceptionalism. Why?

Human Ingenuity then was free to accomplish their own beliefs.  For Human Ingenuity to work and accomplish requires freedom, rights, private property and the Rule of Law.  What the Founders, whose minds were cognizant of European failures over centuries, and were aware of the astute ones who figured out why the failures, avoided what didn’t work, and wrote a Constitution for what would work.  They kept the government out-of-the-way of the people, leaving the Colonists free to allow their Human Ingenuity to create.  Knowing of the evil of man, they warned the people to guard what they created if they wanted to keep it.  Americans proved the Founders right with Her economic and military might and destruction of the world’s greatest wannabe rulers; Hitler and his Nazi Germany, Japan, stopping the Soviet Union of Stalin against seemingly undoable odds.  It was the soldiers in the field with human ingenuity which won WWII.

Now it is up to Human Ingenuity to move to save this nation by amending the Constitution’s definition of Treason to be able to prosecute America’s traitors and leaders who won’t live up to their Oath of Office to guard the Constitution.  Americans must make America’s anti-Americans the traitors they are, punishable for Treason, and become the exceptional nation as the world leaders.

Toby Elster


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