America’s Greatest Danger, Barack Obama President of the United States

From a preliminary research, when Obama moved to run for President of the United States of America, his background revealed him as a Socialist and sponsored by the high and mighty for a one world government.  They are also know as the Establishment, the political old dogs; the leaders of the Democrat Party, and Republican abettors; the New World Order, and a few other names, some choice ones.  They are traitors to America’s Constitution, Her foundation.  They are fronted by George Soros and his myriad of supported organizations.  The Constitutional Foundation, recognizing Obama’s upbringing and education of Socialism, knew his ‘change’ meant socialism for America, and, being a Socialist, Socialism’s foundation, theory, premise, and concept, consequently it’s ideology and philosophy was, having no truths, was a lie and Obama could not be believed.  Both of those foresights were proven accurate by Obama.

After the 2008 election and Obama was subjected to Congressional oversight with his requirements for legislation and approval, moved to circumvent and ignore Congress and the Constitution for his requested laws and regulations.  Now Obama’s traits of dictatorship and the influence of his mentors’ Communism and education came to light.  Obama exposed himself as a Communist.  His arrogance told him ‘my way or the high way’.  He dictated by Executive Orders, and joined a cadre of previous American traitorous presidents.

Socialism, as Lenin and Stalin said, is but the first step to Communism.  Socialism, as a Statist, highly-centralized for complete controlled economic system, becomes the dictatorship of Communism’s means of production for their people’s controlled political governing system, which has no means of production.  Similar to a man and woman’s desirability and marriage.

Obama’s record as President has revealed his anti-American beliefs and support of the globalists.  His efforts to complete the socialization of America are to bankrupt America through his ‘stimulus’ spending and, to com, higher taxes.  Socialism is an atheist society, no religion allowed, so Obama attacks Christianity first, as has and are the useful idiots and fellow travelers.  He moves to destroy America’ economic might with dictates from his Secretary of the Interior and the EPA destroying the use of fossil fuels, over 90% of America’s cheapest energy source.

So what is Obama’s ‘Forward’ slogan?  Absolutely, positively more of the same!  Forward being going ahead to finish what he was put into office for, to serve the United Nations’ attaining global governance. We must stop this from happening.  Going to the polls to vote is where the decision is made.  And for America’s sake, if you won’t vote for Romney, don’t vote!

Toby Elster


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