Do Words Have Any Real Significance?

Your Constitutional Foundation claims that Socialists change nomenclature and words to hide their beliefs and Socialism.  TCF berates organizations who should know better not to use the Socialists’s language of ‘political correctness’.  It does not get their message, or correct meaning and de-emphasizes the importance of the meaning to their readers or listeners.  Political correctness is the tool of America’s socialized media to protect those who move to socialize America.  The captured media are America’s greatest traitors for censoring by omission 100 years of the treachery and treason of America’s traitors serving our ‘high and mighty’ of globalism, who are responsible for the socialization of America.  Their objective is to attain a world government, of which America must concur and cede Her sovereignty to the United Nations.  That is what has caused America’s internal political war of which way America goes, back to her founder’s principles or into European Socialism.

Some of the worst of political correctness: taxing has become investments; Socialists are liberals or progressives; multiculturalism hides their beliefs of a borderless world to nullify nations’ borders into people, controllable highly centralized districts and regions.  And so forth, new ones coming as fast as things or doings need hiding from the people.

Is the Constitutional Foundation off base?  Hardly!  The following is taken in part from Richard M. Weaver’s ‘Ideas Have Consequences, 1948″, printed in the American Conservative, September 2012.

“We live in an age that is frightened by the very idea of certitude, and one if it’s really disturbing outgrowths is the easy divorce between words and the conceptual realities which our right minds know they must stand for.  This takes the form especially of looseness and exaggeration.  Now, exaggeration, it should be realized, is essentially a form of ignorance, one that allows and seems to justify distortion.  And the psychopathic mind of war has greatly increased our addiction to this vice; indeed, during the struggle distortion became virtually the technique of reporting.”

The truth is that our surrender to irrationality has been in progress for a long time, and we witness today a breakdown of communication not only between nations and groups within nations, but also between successive generations…”

Left to the readers is to decide how well the ‘Socialists’ language of political correctness fits the pattern.  And the socialists do it on purpose!

Toby Elster


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