Government Unions…by the David Horwitz Freedom Center – Review

The rendition of unions is an excellent review of Unions becoming radicalized.  My familiarity with unions goes back to my teens and my first unionized job in California.  The first one, I quite instead of joining.  The second one, I was going to quit but got told I can’t let you go, we’ll forget about the union.  Then i got a letter that said, “Greetings”! I can recite the unions first steps to creating California’s economic cesspool of today and their marriage to socialism.

The Constitutional Foundation, in it’s researching of what went wrong with America noticed, knowing what went wrong and why, also leads to the solution.  That was not in the booklet.  But what went wrong with the unions is also the solution to unionism in America.

Back to FDR, one of America’s greatest traitors, and 1935.  FDR’s Warner Act set up the Union’s degradation into the miserable situation Matthew Vadum wrote about in his booklet, ‘Government Unions: How They Rob the Taxpayer, Terrorize Workers, and Threaten Our Democracy.”

The Wagner Act, was undoubtedly the Democrats delivering to the Trade Union’s hierarchy for their ‘favors’.  The act gave the union’s hierarchy a monopoly over the workers; join, pay dues, or no jobs.  That was also the foundation for the shirt of power from We, the people, to special interests.  The unions amassed so much money they actually bought the government.  They controlled committees, boards, judges, bureaucrats, Congressmen, and Presidents with their corrupting funds.  Nothing has changed since then.  Up to a couple years ago the voters kept re-electing them and getting nothing in return.

With the coming of the Tea Parties a change is — maybe — in the wind.  That should be an opportunity for change.  There is no reason why unions are not voluntary organizations like all other organizations.  That idea was mentioned to the National Right to Work Committee.  Mark Mix’s personal not agreed.  Trade Unions would fade away, becoming an umbrella for company unions as many organizations are.  The power in the unions would now rest with the company union’s management.  It should bring peace, and few strikes, between the employees and employers, and benefit both the company and their employees.

It can be accomplished by doing away with the Wagner Act.  That message should become common knowledge, and it might happen.

You were right about the workers attaining their marginal productivity for labor by the 1950s.  Ever since then the unions generally have cut their own throats and caused immeasurable damage to America’s economy and welfare.  The consequences of greed, corruption and Socialism.

Toby Elster


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