The New American – Book Review

‘Suicide or Salvation?’ is a review of Michael D. LeMay’s book, ‘The Suicide of American Christianity: Drinking the Cool-Aid of Secular Humanism” by John T. Larabell.  First of all, didn’t the author bow to political correctness?  Secular Humanism is non-religious, or an atheist society?  America is inundated with political correctness, the language of America’s Socialists who hide their beliefs and themselves in it.  Terms such as Liberal, Progressive, Multiculturalists, Feminists, are really Socialists, and their atheism as secularism. 

Would one call, being forced into a suicide — a suicide???  It sounds more like being murdered — and American Christianity is being murdered.  America is being led by Socialists who allow the insanity of Americans to use their enemy-in-her-midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution and religion, Christianity as a start.

America is being socialized, and on purpose.  It began in 1899 by the Fabians who believed Marxism was the cure for world poverty.  They moved their beliefs to be taught in America’s schools, went underground as Liberals, and with treachery are undermining Americanism and the society.  Their organization is the United Nations moving towards a one-world government.  Socialist’s Marxism is an atheist belief, and as America’s Constitution gets destroyed so do they attack Christianity to be replaced with atheism.

We believe Socialism as a distributor of the wealth.  True enough but what really needs expounding on is how Socialism destroys the individual’s self-reliance and consequently the society.  If American Christianity is committing suicide, then so is the society.  Understanding the traitors, treachery and treason of those who are responsible for America being socialized, says the correct term for what is happening to America is — She is being murdered, and so is Christianity.

Toby Elster


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