A Response to Mail Call Military Magazine

In response to Roy Stafford’s guest commentary (Military November 2012), upset over the deterioration of America that we fought to save and for freedom.  I went through that in 1970 when I discovered America had an anti-American enemy in our midst.  Stafford doesn’t understand what is going on in political America.  I moved to find out and still do.  That research, which made me mad when I did, sums up the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s foundation, Her Constitution, by traitors, treachery and treason, led by the ‘high and mighty’ of globalism to socialize America into a one-world government under the United Nations.

There is a solution.  Look at ‘America Needs Internal Security’; ‘America’s Great Evil in Our Midst, the United Nations’; and many others on our site.  Suffice it to say, America’s greatest traitors today are it’s mainstream media, responsible for the ‘untold” the anti-American United Nations; and many in high office, especially the administration.  Roy Stafford is right, and America’s attitude must change.  She must become ‘America is for Americans, no others welcome,’ as the solution sets out.

Toby Elster 


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