Reply to ‘The Kochs’ Quest to Save America’ The Wichita Eagle

As it should be, the Eagle must have sent their two best journalists for the interview with Charles and David Koch.  Furthermore, as to the captioned title, you have company.  Much of what was read, I was already aware of for the simple reason our minds endorse the same principles, nor are the Constitutional Foundation’s minds inactive. TCF’s mission is set out in the our goal to expose America’s Socialism.  Our footprints are found in environmental issues, which the media is finally beginning to write about., Social Security, Education, against the United Nations, and mostly in the ‘Exposure of America’s Socialism’.  TCF accomplished the exposure in a mere four years after being told by an expert it could not be done.  It had to be done if America was going to be saved.  TCF does not delve in issues, per se.  Only those major ones that America’s enemy within our midst control or influence to their beliefs.  TCF sums up those occurrences as the insanity of Americans to allow the enemy in America’s midst to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.

TCF’s efforts are with an insignificant amount of funds.  It does not believe in political correctness, as the language of the Socialists, which fails to tell main street what the Socialists message means — such as Obama’s ‘change meant, and now his ‘Forward’.  TCF pegged Obama as a Communist and he is not to be believed.  That message goes out to a handful who reads TCF’s web blog.  In our predictions of what Obama plans and dictates for, Obama has not proved us wrong.

It is not an accidental occurrence of a guess.  It comes from a 40 year search, commencing in 1970, to find out what went wrong with America.  Yes, I knew the America of your father.  That research sums up as, ‘the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th century of the undermining of America’s foundation, the Constitution, by traitors, treachery and treason for the ‘high and mighty’ of globalism; a one-world government under the United Nations.’

The research took me into the minds of Fascism — Socialism and Communism — to understand their methods and beliefs to find the answers to why the Conservatives, in 60 years of efforts, could not stop America from getting a cabal of Communists dictating America’s downfall from the White House.  The Kochs’ have supported many of those Conservatives and their efforts.  TCF does not believe the Koch’s will get their money’s worth as long as they have the enemy in our midst in their way.  It is not that what has been done is wrong, they have certainly slowed the destruction of the Founder’s principles, but it certainly has been ineffective against the enemy that must be gotten out of the way if America is ever going to be restored and directed back to the road of peace and prosperity.   The enemy is bound and determined to socialize into influencing and ruling the world.  While nothing has occurred to date that shows any signs of stopping them, TCF believes Obama is on the skids out.  But our enemy will only go into damage control, and wait for the next election.

There is a better solution than to keep trying the same that hasn’t been effective.  It came out of the research of what went wrong with America.  I’m positive the Koch’s realize that what went wrong must be known before it can be fixed.  TCF has become well-educated, and has the answers to what went wrong and why.  The chain of events that led to the answers came out of the literature.

Yes, TCF is aware of the ‘nay-sayers’ who insist it can’t be done.  With a good reason, TCF’s message to them is bull!  What little feedback TCF has received from putting forth the solution, it says this is what patriotic America has been looking and waiting for.  They realize a solution is neeed that will work and which is permanent, not subject to every election!

Gentlemen, this letter was prompted from what was read in the captioned.  For what the Kochs’ are striving for, the only way it will be attained is when the enemy in our midst is gotten out of the way first.  The suggested solution can accomplish that.  For a worldview, it will also destroy the one-world globalists’ political efforts.  Nothing can stop the global economic human-induced movement towards an absolute free trade.  After all, it was absolute free trade that built Western Civilization.

What little the Constitutional Foundation can do towards waking up patriotic America to save America is minimal.  It needs help to make base, which is grave.  There are at least 40 million Tea Party patriots and veterans, if awakened, to save America.  The grassroots movement they can cause will see to the enactment of the solution into law.  Just the publicity from their start of the movement to enact the amendment will put the enemy in our midst on the defensive, their enemy and attention directed to protect themselves, and it should commence a big difference in the right direction.

Toby Elster


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