Response ‘CEOs Call for Deficit Action’ Wall Street Journal

Who’s butts are the CEO’s trying to protect with their call for ‘Spending Cuts’, which the Democratic Congress doesn’t understand the difference between cut and spend, and ‘Higher Tax Revenue’, which all these CEOs direct companies as ‘too big to fail and are unionized!’  Remember General Motors?

Simpson-Bowles, I would not trust, as doesn’t Grover Norquist, but I would Mitt Romney.  A better plan for these CEOs, who certainly should understand the power of growth; after WWII the debt was 120% of the GDP, yet the decade following enlarged these CEO’s companies.  They should try shutting down the IRS for a flat tax and bring their overseas billions home, and stay out of the earning-people’s pockets. If $16 Trillion, of which 50% is wasted, scares these CEOs, they best concentrate on their business.  American human ingenuity will take care of the debt.  Just stay, and get the nay-sayers out of the way.

Toby Elster


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