Re: The Wall Street Journal David Henninger’s Wonder Land item

‘Barack Obama’s Persuasion Army’ is probably the most accurate reason for Romney’s downfall than all the Republican pundits’ explanations.

Whether Henninger realized it or not, but what he wrote also says that the Communist/Socialist are highly organized, understand the minds of the people that puts shame to the psychologist of the discipline, knows the end-runs around their opposition, and how to ‘sell’ their beliefs of unworkable promises to make a used care salesman an amateur.

These Socialists and Communists have had a lot of practice twisting minds to buy into their unworkable beliefs.  Ever since Machiavellism, five centuries ago, set the course for political dishonesty, numerous Machiavelli based organizations have refined the art so that Obama uses it very effectively.  Which is saying, the Democrats can outsmart the Republicans nearly every time.  Now to make them believe it!

Toby Elster


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