To the Koch Foundation

It is interesting to note that over 60% of the voters making less than $30,000 annually voted for Obama.  In the 2008 election, it was the young voters who gave Obama over 60% of their votes.  They were Obama’s winning margin.

America’s Socialists have changed the society.  In the 1930s, as bad as times were, many felt it was a disgrace, and to be shamed, to accept charity.  If the attitude of the society of the 30’s still prevailed today, Obama might have gotten 30% of the vote.

FDR, the forerunner to Obama, also made a ‘saint’ by America’s greatest traitors, America’s socialized media of censorship, had FDR fixing the economy.  That is also what Romney campaigned on, the economy.  How much ash the society changed?  As the woman in line to vote told she was going to vote for Obama — ‘I wants my check!’

It is in the voters’ minds where the problems start.  The Socialists knew that when they came to America, and they are half-way to 100% If that is going to be changed, the Patriotic America need to get their schools back.


Toby Elster


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