Yackity – Yack, but not a word on any meaningful change

So go the pundits of the Republican Party.  “This was wrong, that was wrong, that wasn’t done, this should have been done”, and so on and so forth.

They are all right – to some extent, and all put bandaids on the cancer that eats away at Americanism and they won’t recognize it.Who were the two wannabe presidents campaigning to?  There are those who ‘watch what happen’; those who ‘make things happen’; and those who ‘wonder what just happened’.  Romney and Ryan spoke to them as learned adults.  Our Communist President, unbelievably, told them he was Santa Claus, they could stay on their butts, and ‘Believe me, I’ll take care of you!’  TCF didn’t believe the people would fall for this ‘change’ message again.  His ‘Forward’ was more of the same.  But TCF underestimated the change in America’s society.  Her cancer of socialism has spread wide, and deep, and divides America in half.  Hod did it happen?

Only through education can a society be changed against the people’s will.  The Fabians had proven that when they came to America to socialize America to their Marxist beliefs — to cure the world’s poverty.  That is what they are doing in the European Union today!!

Our pundits insist on speaking the Socialist’s politically correct language in which the Socialists hide Socialism’s unworkable truths.  For instance, of Socialist’s controlled American media, they speak and complain of the bias.  But bias is not censorship (by omission) which is what they do.  The consequences of that for America is what the people don’t know.  Summarized, it is the ‘untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th century of undermining, by stealth and secrecy, America’s foundation, Her Constitution is betrayed by traitors, treachery, and treason of the high and mighty for a one-world government through America’s public education system.  The Education-Socialists penetrated and took control of it in the 1950s, through gaining control of the National Education Association.

The penetration to take over education in America started in 1903.  John Dewey was their disciple.  A Colonel House had Woodrow Wilson’s ear, pushing Socialism into the government.  Dewey became president of the teacher’s NEA and started the take-over with ‘closet’ socialist-educators moving into positions of authority.  He also started socialist indoctrination in the schools with his message of ‘the government should do’ what the people were doing for themselves.  The Socialists were successful in the 50’s, gaining control of the NEA and turning it into a teacher’s union.  The dumbing down of American education thus began.

Why dumbing down education?  People who can think petrify Socialists who believe they can figure out that their Marxism doesn’t work.  Socialists only want producers, for obvious reason.  In the late 1970’s, Jimmy Carter delivered the Department of Education to the Socialists.  Now they had control of the classroom curriculum and the text books.  The teaching of Americanism was eased out, replaced with the United Nation’s world view.  U.N. programs, such as the peace poster contests, indoctrinating multiculturalism and borderless nations, and socialistic beliefs of wealth redistribution was the classrooms teachings.  The teachers were giving American students, European socialists beliefs.  The Education-Socialists expose 48,500,000 K-12 students annually in many classrooms to their beliefs of anti-Americanism.  The talk of bad schools always centers on the three ‘R’s, science and math.  Never do they consider what is being put into the minds of the students — should one wonder where the ‘occupiers’ against capitalism arose from.  Nor does America require the assimilation of her immigration population — a United Nations’ influence perhaps?!?

And the Republicans wonder why so many voters listened to ‘Santa Claus’ win the election whose promises are hallow and will only lead to economic slavery and the dire poverty that the Fabians were going to cure.  The only proven system that can cure poverty is the Founder’s Constitutional principles of free markets of Capitalism and individuals ‘self determination with freedom, rights, private property and the Rule of Law.  None of which ‘Santa Claus’ wants the workers to have.  Socialism doesn’t allow it!

Do the Republicans know that there is an insanity in those Americans who get blank faces wondering’ what the world happened?’  They allow America’s destroyers, the Socialists, to use the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.  That will make America 100% socialized, and shut down the Republican Party!

Getting America’s Education-Socialists out of the school system will go a long way to putting America back on the road to peace and prosperity.  America will be 100% Americanism, 0% Socialism, and the Republicans can win elections with the truths of what needs to be done to make America workable and great again.

Toby Elster



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