Re: to Rush Limbaugh

A few weeks ago, I heard your broadcast about being told that the Rush Limbaugh program should put laughter in their broadcasts.   TCF assumes you can understand, who ever told you, weren’t serious, or your enemy to destroy conservative media.  But assuming isn’t  good enough, considering the importance the Conservative media is to America.  TCF sees the suggestion as their way to thwart or defeat your messages to the public as being insincere.  Did they want Rush’s message to become bunk or nonessential as worthless — only for entertainment?  And make Rush a dummy?

Direct any laughter, as may be appropriate, at America’s useful idiots, the supporters of America’s anti-American Socialists and Communists.  Especially to those in the White House.

Thank you for the discourse on the Sandy Hook shooting as well.  TCF only sees insanity in the fact, but TCF does see authorities failure to prevent it; and Socialism is what makes authority unable to stop it.  No one else will address that, but TCF may, time allowing, with a paper for it’s site.  The failure to prevent it falls at the dogooders door, for their nuisance legislation of protecting people from themselves.

Toby Elster


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