The Washington Times Weekly (Re from Dec. 3, 2012)

Hold it there Mr. Lawrence Kudlow.  ‘Herbert Hoover – Obama?’, TWT National Weekly.  A second recession or not, Herbert Hoover is not the president to connect Obama with.  A second recession would please Obama.  Franklin Roosevelt is a real match.  Both were anti-American Socialists.  What won’t be told is that Herbert Hoover’s administration of numerous Fabian Marxists was well closet penetrated.  Those aides and advisors Socialized Hoover’s administration with their beliefs.  So, if they are responsible for the beginning of the 1930s recession, it was to serve FDR, who they realized, being insiders, would be the next Democrat nominee.  And the people think that was all above board!

Furthermore, you miss the point of the fiscal-cliff issues.  Obama does not want an economic functioning America.  He wants a weakened America, both militarily and economically, to serve his United Nations friends to get them their global government.  He wins the stand-off if he gets his way or not, assuming the Republicans are not going to get Obama to give — and those odds are about 99% for Obama.  It is simple Communist tactics, which Obama uses constantly.

Toby Elster


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