What Won’t be Said About the Sandy Hook Shooting

The shooter of the Newtown, Connecticut grade school children and teachers, Adam Lanza, a 20 year old, as are nearly all these shooters, had a known history of insane behavior.  His mother was scared of him; she’d called the police in prior times when he’d threatened her.  So why was he free to roam, unwatched is a need to be explained.  The Constitutional Foundation does not know the way to stop this insanity, but TCF can pinpoint where fingers never get pointed, but should be.  In this case, the finger points at authority.  And why the authority that should intervene before the fact, before the evil happens, cannot act.  Is the gun-grabbers noise for gun control a screen to distract from what might point the finger at who is most responsible?  The United Nations promotion, through numerous groups, is to confiscate guns.

The side effects of the shooting are horrendous; human disasters of grievance, heartaches, and heart tearing wondering why, and no answers.  The gun-grabbers are the first to scream nonsense. ‘Do away with assault weapons.  For all the good that would do to stop shooters, they may just as well ban cannons and missiles too.  What about cars?  If they are sincere.  Do the parents of teenagers killed in automobile accidents feel any less pain or grieve differently than parents of the children killed by shooters?  So when are the screamers going to blame and ban automobiles?  It makes as much sense as banning guns.  Ban guns and crime sky-rockets.  Is there any difference being killed by a robber, than by a shooter?  Banning guns does not help the problem, but worsens it.


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