The Vet Voice (American Legion Magazine)

Michael Lind’s essay on Vietnam was informative and needed.  But he didn’t get into the background of the powerful of why the war ended in such a mess.  Adm. William Sharp had it correct that, ‘we were not permitted to win.’  That takes an understanding of the United Nations.

Besides being extremely corrupt, the United Nations is very anti-American.  Their objective is a global government of a socialized world.  A socialized nation to control the people must be highly centralized, the opposite of an American republic.  All but three presidents, Eisenhower, Reagan, and Bush II, kept the U.N. out of America’s foreign policy.  Why America hasn’t won a war (except under Reagan) since WWII.  The U.N. doesn’t want America to win any.

One of the worst of the presidents was Lyndon Johnson.  He started the Vietnam War.  Then he turned the conduct of the fighting over to his ‘whiz kids’, led by Robert McNamara, but all five of them were one-worlders abetting the U.N. for a global government.  The ‘whiz kids’ had no intentions of winning the war or for the invasion of the North, wanting to keep Vietnam at least half under a dictatorship, similar to Korea.  Then Senator Church from Idaho cut off all supplies to South Vietnam, and they collapsed, stranding the military and diplomatic corps there, as the VietCong swarmed over the South.

Toby Elster


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