Common Sense – To Fix Schools

Governor Sam Brownback’s program to cure Kansas’ socialist problem with less taxes and more jobs got tripped up by judges, self importance, with the Teacher’s Union (not all the teacher’s themselves) behind this foolishness.  It is all about money, so it is MONEY that needs fixing to fix the schools.

Our tax money flows to Washington.  The case can easily be made that approximately half of it gets wasted through foolish spending and some fraud.  For instance, take alternate fuels.  A totally unneeded endeavor that is a waste of funds, will increase energy costs in multiples of double and triple what fossil fuels deliver it for, and wastes a trillion or two at a time.

School money returns from Washington to the states through the Department of Education, controlled by anti-American cabal of Socialists educators.  They force the United Nation’s world view to be indoctrinated into students, sans Americanism taught in schools, entangling the school administrations in red tape.

The States should use their Constitutional rights (10th Amendment) to demand that the school money allocated to the states be funded directly to the states, with no red tape attached.

With the federal funds, the states now have their schools’ destiny and control of what is taught in the schools.  Now the teachers and parents have the say over what the students are taught.  And a miracle will occur.  The schools will begin to function again, graduating thinking, self-supporting, patriotic citizens, knowing English and about America’s greatness.

Toby Elster


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