Guns Guns Guns Guns!!!

Why Guns?  Why Not Get Serious?

Why guns?  Guns can’t walk! Guns can’t talk! Guns can’t load themselves! Guns can’t fire until a finger squeezes the trigger!  So why attack guns? That won’t stop anything! So, let’s get serious

Of the shooters in the past few years, be they in America, or Norway, or England, they are all youth.  Most were known for having mental problems.  Some were believers of the radical white supremacists or Neo Nazis, or of odd unconventional character.  So let’s get serious and look for a solution to random insane shootings where the insane madness comes from.

Why haven’t they been able to stop the shootings?  It won’t happen either unless common sense and a true desire to stop it takes over.  Attacking guns is a wasted effort.  If on wants a gun, as these unbalanced youths do, they can get one — gun laws or not.  If they want it bad enough, they’ll steal them, or buy one that has been stolen.  No law will stop that.

Why aren’t these misfits of society addressed before they become shooters?  Even armed teachers or guards can’t act before the potential shooter gives them just cause to do so.  What is just cause?  Those questions get answered in a court room — AFTER THE FACT!  An officer in the Connecticut shooting was asked why the shooter there wasn’t picked up before he committed his crime.  He had been reported with a bad mental problem.  They were told he could not act until AFTER THE FACT!  I believe he was saying, until we can prove him guilty of what he does illegally.  Why isn’t that law being changed instead of wasted efforts to control guns, which won’t stop the shootings?

The law needs a review and an exception to make it legal to investigate , watch, medicate, or detain those who have given ‘reasonable cause’, verbally, through their behavior, or reported as to their intent to cause harm to the innocent.  Had such a law been in effect, then maybe Aurora, and Newtown would have been prevented.  Let’s get serious!

Toby Elster


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