How Disinformation Becomes History – Re: in American Free Press

Michael Collins Piper’s rendition of non-benevolent motivation behind them ‘for the purpose of muddying the waters…’ is dastardliness to fool the public.  But what is more dangerous is the censorship by omission by our socialized media what they won’t tell people.  That media is America’s greatest traitors for not informing the people.

Summing up a 40 year research on ‘why America went wrong’, the media hid the socialization of America.  Beginning in 1915 under Woodrow Wilson, as the ‘Unknown and untold political history of America’s 20th Century of undermining of the USA’s foundation, Her Constitution, by traitors, treachery, and treason of the High and Mighty for a global government under the United Nation’s dictates.’  And this continues today!

Imagine the disaster to humanity that a world of Socialism under a dictatorship of the U.N. will be, should this not be stopped!?!?

Toby Elster


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