Letter to the Wichita Eagle

Doesn’t anyone know what goes on in their government?  Bob Carter’s ‘Greedy Retirees?’, griping about retirees getting a ‘penny’ of their ‘stolen’ retirement security.  If he knew the truths of Social Security, that FDR, one of America’s great Socialism presidents, never intended Social Security to be a retirement fund.  Only a way to tax more.  Retirement funds are supposed to be wealth builders.  Had FDR been honest, and created Social Security for what he lied about it, a retirement fund, retirees would be receiving three times more and they would have a fund, in their name, to leave to their off-spring.  The answer for Social Security is to privatize it, then today’s contributors would at least get a more honest deal.

‘Pompeo’s bias’, another griping session by Mark Richardson over wind subsidies because Pompeo voted against them.  We get an honest Congressman who has America’s interest at heart, and here comes the know-nothings of the same kind of government as FDR screwed Americans with, only worse now.  Doesn’t anyone realize that about $.50 of every tax dollar going to Washington is mostly wasted, and some gets stolen?  Is America’s Socialist Democrats degrading and defying the few honest Congressmen who know that wind, and all alternate fuels are part of the greatest scam ever perpetuated on humanity by the United Nation’s environmentalists’ lies towards socializing the world for their global wannabe world rulers?  And our no-so-honest Congressmen abet them, to feather their own greedy self’s wasting billions and billions of taxpayer’s money.

If those wasted and frauded dollars would cease, there would not be any fiscal cliff.  And $500 billion could be used to pay off America’s unnecessarily created debt by our no-so-honest Congressmen, created by the socializers of America.  Should the funds for education be paid directly to the states, instead of going through the Department of Education, there would not be any learning crisis either, and billions of dollars wasted.  Something the states to move for, even if it bloodies a few noses.

The solution to America’s fiscal problem?  Approximately 80 members of Congress belong to the Progressive caucus who are socialists and Communists.  Numerous others are there for their own benefits; and one should begin to realize why Congress doesn’t serve the people.  We are not electing the right people to be American-oriented representatives.  Or those with the backbone to go against the Establishment who control the government.  Grill the wannabe representatives until they feel the heat.  They are supposed to be working for you — show them you are the boss!

Toby Elster


2 thoughts on “Letter to the Wichita Eagle

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