Re: Barron’s ‘The Other Side of Fracking’

Thank you for sending a complimentary issue of your magazine, but with letters such as the mentioned above, NO THANKS!  THERE IS NO OTHER SIDE OF FRACING!  Matthew Lipschik is in more danger of choking from Brooklyn air than anything that fracing does, as he stated.  His rendition is crap, garbage, lies and gross misrepresentations, repeating what comes from the United Nation’s political environmentalists through America’s Lisa Jackson of the EPA.

I’ve spent a lifetime in the oil fields, experienced my first frac job in the 1960’s.  Over a million wells have been fraced since then, and not one known frac has ever damaged ground water or the air.  The fracing occurs thousands of feet into the ground where the oil and gas is found  There have been half a dozen lawsuits in Pennsylvania oil fields and one in Wyoming over fracing and ground water, and not a one could prove the fracing damaged any ground water!

I would believe Barron’s editor would have returned Mr. Lipschik’s letter and advised him to wisen up to what goes on in the political world.  The only thing that could crack the ground as he imagines, is at least a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Wow!  Has the United Nations made a society of unthinking idiots.

Toby Elster


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