Approve Keystone XL Now

This is the mantra of Oil and Gas Journal in Jan. 7th, 2013 Editorials.  I offer, why did they shut it down?  The Journal touched on it in the last paragraph. ‘The decision about it will say much about the energy strategy for the next four years of a president newly relieved of worry about re-election — but not about the health of the U.S. economy.’  In plain terms for an answer, let’s ask who is Obama?

That I call him a Communist is with reason.  His background and life or association of those who influenced him were of Communism.  He rules similar to Lenin and Stalin, disregarding the Constitution and Congress, and uses executive orders to dictate his wants, aka the rule of man.  His czars bow to his will.

Those who groomed him and saw to his election move to socialize America, and support the United Nation’s move to a global government.  And I believe the oil and gas industry is familiar with the U.N.’s efforts.  Efforts through the U.N.’s environmentalism centered on a world government.  That is who Obama serves, not a Constitutional America.

The UN, America’s greatest enemy in our midst, frustration of America standing in their way of globalization of government, moves to shut down fossil fuels for the obvious damage to America to further weaken her ability to resist.  That includes the Keystone XL pipeline.  And the demonstrators are hard at it to see that Canada doesn’t build a pipeline to the Pacific Ocean too.  This editorial sounded like things were hopeless.  Perhaps not.  At least one Congressman has talked of impeachment. So stay in the fight!

Toby Elster


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