To the Wall Street Journal Per Jan. 16th Opinion page

Amity Shlaes bookshelf review under ‘The Folly of Philanthropy’ of ‘The Good Rich and What They Cost Us,’ by Robert F. Dalzell Jr. fails the most important point.  What the rich do with their money is their business — unless they are of the John D. Rockefeller mentality.  In 1903, he gave over $11 million to the Fabians for their ‘New Education’, Marxist Socialism.  The consequences thereof today, America has a divided society, or as TCF puts it, an internal war to decide which way America goes.

Without the money, the Fabians would have gone back to London empty handed, the same as all the others that tried to socialize America, and there would be no United Nations.  The $11 million was peanuts to John Rockefeller.  His dastardliness came to light during the Wilson Administration.  Something to solve the problem then would have been a blessing to America!

Next, GUNS!  Finally a couple articles with some common sense.  TCF’s website holds a paper which compliments the Governor of Colorado’s sentiments of guns and insanity.  TCF also addresses the ‘after the fact’ mentality of authority.  Getting serious about guns, hopefully will bring a solution.  Amen, also for the WSJ’s Opinion writer and Jeffrey Shapiro’s ‘A Gun Ban That Misfired.’

And the same amen for Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.’s “Green Energy’s Baptists and Bootleggers.”  He could also mention that the objective of these people is to shut down fossil fuels to help the United Nations socialize the world and their global government.  And of course reap oodles of money of the wasted billions on alternative fuels.

Toby Elster


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