The American Conservative Re: Ten Years in the Right

First, I never realized that ‘Conservatives Hate War’ (William S. Lind).  I’ve always believed they never considered wars were necessary, unless diplomacy failed and the military had to be called in.  That is when the politicians should butt out until the military has completed it’s mission.

The ‘Mind of the New Majority’ Michael Dougherty on Pat Buchanan: I’m not sure who they are, unless they are America’s Socialists and their useful idiots; except they are not so new.  With all due respect to Mr. Buchanan, and his honors and acclaim he has won and deserves, I can visualize policies of his Conservatism that the Conservative party won’t accept.  The ‘New Majority’ that the Constitutional Foundation encourages is the Tea parties taking over of the Republican Party.  Pat is dead right on his aftermath of WWI and II.  Wars never beget peace.  They open the door to faster-moving wannabe world rulers before the peace-lovers can undo the destruction and disorganization of wars.

I do believe you over-estimated the neocons influence when it comes to Israel.  The Near East is a major energy concern for America as a need in several wars.  Israel is a cheap army there that guards America’s interest.  The kings of Saudi Arabia are excellent friends of America for about a century now.  You criticize the Iraq War, but the gross mistake was made in the Gulf War when George H W Bush let it be an international affair, and let the United Nations call the shots.  There would not have been a Iraq War if the Gulf War was completed as it should have been.

The Neocons, Republicans, and conservatives are America’s stupid ones — those who fail the people.  Your article addressed influence that creates change.  That kind, that we are thinking of, will have to come from the people.  When an issue of importance connects with their needs or wants, things change.  America has an enemy in our midst, destroys America’s foundation, her Constitution.

Join in, and lets give the solution of amending our Constitution to include all those who work to subvert the Constitution as Treason, a little help.  Wake up Americans!

Toby Elster


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