Not Just lies…

‘The Worst Snow Storm for the Northeast’ screams our socialized media.  It is a purposeful lie!

The same occurs when tornado season is present, or storms come in, or whenever nature does the usual during climate seasons throughout the year.

Once it was caused by Global Warming, then Global Cooling, now it’s called Climate Change.  And the screamers blame it on humans!!!  What are the scare tactics about?!?!

Is is the same weather, day in – day out, the earth has experienced since it gained its atmosphere.  Of all the screaming by America’s Socialized media, none of it is honest, truthful, or has any basis except evilness.  That weather has occurred seasonally for thousands of years, will occur again every year, only varying in intensity as it pleases nature.  Of all the screaming about the worst of weather our socialized media does about the worst weather ever, I can only recall the worst ever weather, setting new records, of a few warm days, of a degree or two or three.  But the media screams of ‘climate change disasters’.

What is going on?  And if you believe humans can effect the weather, try whistling in the dark to change it.  But tell the screamers to stop their hot air!!!

It is the same politically environmentalists of the world Socialists of the United Nations trying to scare the people into believing them — the world’s greatest liars.  All of their science they have based their weather causes on has been proven false, boiler-housed and lies.  They just do not give up!  For the United Nations’ believers it is a socialized world of a global government under their dictates.  And America must be part of  it, and we are going to make it so.  The U.N’s attitude is that there will be no peace until we get what we want!

Ironically, Socialism never begets peace, only economic slavery and poverty.  So what the United Nations wants, they can only lie about creating peace and prosperity to fool the useful idiots until they can get control over the people.  History writes those lessons, time and time again.  It is not that Socialism is busted, and needs fixing; Socialism theory is wrong and it cannot be fixed!

Toby Elster


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