Part 1 – What Has Happened to the American Dream? (Introduction)

America’s Founders, who gave us America’s Foundation, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers and the Constitution, also realized that for their creation to be successful, for a self-governed Republic to work, the people had to be educated.

Those religious schools and colleges at the time would not be sufficient to educate the people.  So provisions were made for the Colonies, then the states, to educate their youth.

As America spread westward into a frontier, schools and churches followed.  One-room school houses became fixtures of the western settlements, where students from the first to eighth grade learned from teachers who followed.  One or two teachers per school, and the older students tutored the younger beginners their three R’s.  Then their advanced subjects of geography, history of America and the world, plus subjects the teachers deemed an advantage to know.  Those that could advance into, at first eastern colleges, and then local colleges as America grew and advanced.  State colleges became dominate as states prospered.  In essence, students were taught to think and be patriotic Americans, independent and self-sufficient, to face life and become prosperous.

Americans, with a guarantee from the Constitution for their freedoms, rights, private property under the Rule of Law, could apply their human ingenuity, unencumbered by rules and regulations.  America developed into a wealthy, extraordinary nation of peace and prosperity, the envy of the world.  Those that came here all wanted to remain and become Americans.

That lasted until the 1950’s when the moles of evil, undermining America’s foundation for the past 50 years became dominated and a political force.  America’s schools became America’s achilles heel, abetted by the American attitude of a strong patriotism and ‘this couldn’t happen to America’ belief.  But it has!!! Treason and treachery, with media censorship of the unsuspecting, allowed it to happen.  The people are kept untold and unknowing.

**Part II: The Evil of Fascism, Socialism Penetrates American Society**


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