Re: Wall Street Journal ‘Generational Theft Needs to be Arrested’

The Wall Street Journal’s opinion piece is an excellent foresight.  But there was no solution mentioned and in today’s political climate there is no solution unless things change.

American society is not the society that the Founder’s created which prevents, through the people’s beliefs, education and patriotism, what has occurred to America.

The Fabians and their Marxist beliefs of Socialism has changed America, with the assistance of the high and mighty who adopted their beliefs, of a socialized world, and a global government under the world’s greatest Socialist’s world headquarters, the United Nations, allowed it.  They socialized America through her education system, which they still control.

Today America’s culture and socialistic outlook of ‘give me, give me’ envelopes half the society.  Before Generational Theft gets arrested, that attitude must go.  The schools must be returned to patriotic teachers and parents by their getting control again of the National Education Association and the Department of Education disbanded.  The political causes of Progressives and their supporters, America’s enemy in our midst, must be rendered politically powerless and out-of-the-way.

Then America can function as the Founders envisioned, and used to…with common sense, Constitutionally, the Rule of Law, and follow the road of prosperity and peace.  And the coming generations will have the American Dream to look forward to once again.

Toby Elster


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