2/11/13 Letter to the Wichita Eagle ‘Teacher’s Unions Aren’t Boogeymen’

That depends on which part of the unions is under consideration, the teachers or those Socialist-educators who control the unions through their control of the National education Association.  With all due respect to Professor Schrock, he did touch the problem with public schools mentioning ‘legislators are on a school-privatization bandwagon.’  Privatization is always a common occurrence when socialization’s evil encroaches.

Common sense tells one that to fix what is broken one needs to know what broke it.  So schools cannot be fixed by putting band-aids on the consequences of what is wrong.  The privatization comes because the parents are receiving $.10 worth out of every dollar — and the unions are screaming for more money.  It is not the teachers fault, but those who control the unions.  So what is broken?  Education Socialists took over the public schools, and broke them on purpose!

In 1932, John Dewey, a great leader of education, and also a Fabian-Marxist, believing in Socialism for America, became president of the NEA.  The NEA’s Weekly Reader began telling teachers and students that ‘the government should do’ what the people were doing for themselves.  But his evil was placing ‘closet socialists-educators’ in positions of authority in the NEA.

In the 1950s, the Socialists educators took control of the NEA and formed it into a union for political power.  Also, the dumbing down of American educations began.  Socialists want laborers, not thinkers.  They do all the thinking for their Statist controlled economy.  That is why students get ‘fuzzy math’, phonetics to read ‘X’ed out, politically correct notions that hide truths, etc.

In the late 1970’s, Jimmy Carter gave the Socialist-educators ‘their’ Department of Education.  Now the Socialists had control of what was taught in the classrooms.  Americanism is degraded and replaced with an indoctrination of the United Nations’ world view.  That is what their environmentalism is about, “Peace Poster Contests” of multiculturalism and borderless nations (Agenda 21), and the International Baccalaureate Program.

Yes there is a solution.  The patriotic teachers need help getting control of the NEA again; to move control of education back to the states, parents and teachers.  Then they can restore what the ‘one room’ schools houses taught the students — to think for themselves and give America rock-solid patriotism.

Toby Elster


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