Judge Andrew Napolitano Re: Lies the Government Tell You

The book has been read.  It was lie #17 that made me understand why this book was written.  It was entitled ‘Blame’.  I don’t judge, since the lies were left behind several years ago and TCF moved into the solution to America’s problem the lies created.

How ‘The government cannot rob the persons from saying whatever they want nor keep information or opinions away from consumers.’?  What about censorship by the media of things the public should know?  After all, it was censorship by omission of America’s socialized media that withheld the Socialization of America from the people who is America’s political problem today!  TCF considers the media one of America’s greatest Traitors.

Concerning FDR, I appreciate your information concerning his maneuvering the Pearl Harbor attack.  It was the first time I became aware of the background that he really did it.  He, for being a traitor and socializing America, should have died in prison for moving to deny Americans their freedoms and rights, while many Japanese-Americans served in WWII to protect us.

Regarding the FISA and Patriot Act, being retired military, and the acts under attack, and led by our subversive anti-American constituency, shouldn’t restrain what is necessary to root-out the enemy in our midst.  Evidently, some who enforce it have gotten carried away with building their bureaucracy and overstepped their authority.  There should be a way to prevent that without making the FISA and Patriot Act useless.  America has a more internal danger today then it did under FDR, one of America’s greatest traitors.

We must work to protect and defend our Constitution.  We must amend the definition of Treason to make those who work to undermine the great document, our Constitution, punishable for acts of Treason against our government.  Please, help us spread the word.

Toby Elster


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