What Happened to the American Dream Part II: The Evil of Fascism (Socialism) Arrives

From the early days of the colonists coming from Europe, their ‘sour men’ of egotistical arrogance of rule arrived with them.  But with wide-open space to migrate to, groups under authority and humans left for various reasons which free men would not tolerate.  Those activists from the Order of the illuminati in America, when it became a nation, George Washington saw to their returning to Europe.

Up to approximately 1850, America was relatively free of Fascist activity, on any scale; small groups forming, then dispersing.  Two religious sects formed in America during this time, the Quakers and Mormons.  The Quakers formed a community-sharing existence (a form of Socialism) group.  They declined with the third generation, who left the ‘Community’s’ dictates of sharing.  The Mormons, after moving to Utah, and settling the area, adopted private property, free markets and capitalism, prospered very handsomely.  Today they are probably the second wealthiest church in the world.

But Europe was a different story.  As the Order of the Illuminati dispersed into factions, one faction was commenced by George W Hegel, a German philosopher, whose dialectical beliefs of their being no wrong, led to Progressiveness.  Undoubtedly, Karl Marx adopted much of his beliefs into his Communist Manifesto.

Hagel Progressiveness came to America around 1850, with European professors who expounded their beliefs to students in the Ivy League Colleges.  Since it was the base of Marxism, many of these professors brought it to America, and some was expounded upon by the ‘sour men’ of Europe.  Except for the Populist Party, none of it became active.  The Populist, an agrarian movement of the 1890s, elected a few to State Governments, but it faded away in 2o years or so.  The major difference between Hegel’s dialectical movement and Karl Marx’s Marxism is that Hegel never gave up his Catholic upbringing, while Marx was an atheist, and maintained that religious beliefs could not be part of Communism.  During the late 1800s, no Socialist political movement survived in America.  But what Teddy Roosevelt based his Progressive Party on was Hegel’s beliefs, and it was the foundation of what was to come.

In the 1870s in London, which was in dire poverty blamed on the Industrial Revolution, a couple from the Intelligentsia, Beatrice and Sydney Webb, adopted Marxism as a cure for world poverty.  They organized a strike, got the workers some benefits, and were ready for Marx’s workers revolution.  Instead, their efforts fell apart; the workers weren’t interested anymore.  Mulling the situation over, they decided Marx was wrong about revolution, and decided the only way that a society could be changed, without the society knowing it, was through education.  They took their beliefs of Marxism to British and German colleges to have it taught to educators as the cure for poverty.  It spread into the English colonies.

The Webb Marxists became the Fabians, gained a following of renown and money, and came to America in 1899 to spread their poison.  There was already a colony of Fabians in Turtle Bay, New York City.  They moved slowly, undercover, as LIberals, to educate America’ second tier of government — the aides and advisors.  America was a must for their world of Socialism.  They also had adopted Cecil Rhodes’ idea for a one-world government.  They moved to get their Marxism, their trick of secrecy and subterfuge that the Illuminati perfected to hide their intent to rule the world.

Turtle Bay is where the United Nations building is today, the land given to them by John D. Rockefeller.  He also funded the movement in 1903 with $11 million. A great resource is ‘The Fabian Freeway’ by Ruth Martin! 

Toby Elster


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