Letter to the American Oil and Gas Reporter Re: ‘New Mexico Legislator Proposes Fracturing Ban on Horizontal Wells’

Why does the industry give a crap?  The EPA is a bureaucracy full of political environmentalists who are anti-American in ideology who have been proven liars, science manipulators, court order ignorers, or name it, and you wouldn’t be wrong.  Their dishonesty arises from their political INTENT to change America into a socialist nation to cede Her sovereignty to the United Nations.  Their stated objective and efforts are to do away with fossil fuels, the cheapest of energies that drives America’s well-being and economic power.

The EPA’s blather on alternate fuels is a farce and multi-billions waste to the taxpayers dollars.  Their attack on Fracturing gas wells, a technology that makes America self-sufficient in energy, is a contrived dishonesty to shut down fossil fuels.  They serve the United Nations, not America.  Their dictates waste trillions of dollars chasing the dishonesty that humans have no control over.

Where is the Industry’s National Legal Defenders with the ‘fighting’ attorneys to challenge this dishonesty and intent of anti-Americanism.  There is still enough justice in the courts that the Industry can protect itself from the dishonesty of the EPA’s intent to destroy the Industry with false and dishonest methods.  Filing a  lawsuit against the EPA would be a giant step in the right direction to challenge their intent.

The Industry better quit playing dead and move to rid itself of the unwarranted attacks by a very anti-American bureaucracy of absolutely dishonest and intent.

Toby Elster



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