What Has Happened to the American Dream? Part III (America’s Socialists Presidents)

Those who look at history as the Fabians who are responsible for the socialization of America are right.  They were the activists who instigated it.  But they had a foundation to build on.  Theodore Roosevelt was the culprit.  A Republican President from 1901-1909, and a Hegel Progressive, he believed much of what they propagandized of socialistic ideas of equality and wealth redistribution.  Roosevelt also sought after a third term.  With no Republican support, he started the Progressive Party, aka the Bull Moose Party.  That split the Republican vote, and it cost William Howard Taft his second term.  Woodrow Wilson became President, also a Hegel Progressive.

John D. Rockefeller, already an international banker, and his money backed the Fabians from 1903 with $11 Billion, to teach the South the Fabians ‘New Education’, Marxism.  Rockefeller could care less what the Fabians put forth as education; he liked their idea of a one-world government – for personal reasons!  He got Wilson, President of Princeton University, to run for President.

Entering the picture now was Colonel Edward M. House, from a wealthy Texas English family who was educated in England by the Fabians.  A full-blown Marxist, a fraternizer of high society, he became Wilson’s confidant and adviser; also Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, who became Governor of New York, but also served in Wilson’s Cabinet.  By now the Fabians had been educating their ‘New Education’, Marxist-Socialism, for 15 years in the Ivy League Colleges; and Wilson’s Administration was well-penetrated by Socialist-believing advisors and aides.  Socialism began showing up in Wilson’s policies and reported by the press.  Practically overnight, the term ‘Socialism’ disappeared from the press pages, being replaced with ‘Progressive’.

This goes back to the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the break-up of the Rockefeller Trust by the Supreme Court.  The Trust became the seven Standard Oil Companies, which quadrupled Rockefeller’s wealth; but he could care less.  The wealthy of the wealthy realized that Congress could have their way with them who had few votes, compared to the people.  The expert who advised them suggested they buy 135 newspapers in America, to control what was published!  The centralization of the presses was ideal for the socialists to penetrate and take control.  Taking over, abetted by the owners, staffing the newspapers with their believers, and America lost her ‘Freedom of the Press’.  Censorship by omission became the standard for the media.  It still prevails today in our ‘socialized media.’

The consequences of that is what The Constitutional Foundation writes about ‘the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th Century of the undermining of America’s foundation, culture, education, human ingenuity, patriotism, and the society of traitors, treachery, and treason of America’s high and mighty for a global government of the United Nations.’

Woodrow Wilson (1913-1921) – put socialism into the government.  In the 1920s, the Socialists took over the Foreign Department of the State Department.  They still hold it.  John D. Rockefeller created the Council on Foreign Relations to do what the failed League of Nations was supposed to do – set world policy, trade, and finance.  The CFR was ‘the place’ for all of influence, and legislators.  They became the majority of many President’s administrations.

Herbert Hoover (1929-1933) – not a Socialist, but his administration was mostly Socialists, and much of what the Fabians wanted was put together in this administration.

Franklin Roosevelt (1933-1945) – a full blown Fabian Socialist, moved to put socialism into the society.  The press made him into a saint!  Most of his socializing programs failed; but his dastardliness set the foundation for the shift of power from We, the People, to private interests with the Wagner Act.  He also believed in the Soviet’s Communism and gave free reign to Soviet and American spies for the Soviets to penetrate all departments of the government.  Furthermore, he gave the world’s greatest Socialists their world headquarters, the United Nations, which has become a very anti-American organization.

From then on, it has been down hill for Americanism.  The Founder’s principles – the Constitution under attack – has been abetted by America’s worst leaders.

Harry Truman (1945-1953) – defiled the Oath of Office.  Instead of cleaning up the mess FDR left him, which would also have stopped the socialization of America, he vilified Senator McCarthy, who was trying to tell the people the truth of what FDR had done to their America to save the Democratic Party, which FDR had given to the Socialists.

Lyndon Johnson (1963- 1969) – allowed the U.N. believers, the Whiz Kids, to run his administration and the Vietnam War.  The U.N. protects dictatorships.  This is why the war was such a mess.  Under his term, the Socialists outed themselves, moved into the courts of their own judges to get what Congress would not give them.  Also, the dumbing down of education occurred, after the education-Socialists took control of the Teacher’s National Education Association in the 1950s.  Penetration and taking over is one of the Socialists’ best reason for their successes.

Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) – is a lap dog for the United Nations.  He did their bidding.  America lost a friend, the Shah of Iran, a mover towards democracy to America’s worst enemy in the Middle East.  He also gave the education-Socialists their Department of Education.  Now the Socialists had control of what was taught in the classrooms.  Several U.N. worldview courses dominate the classrooms, sans Americanism, taught by teachers unknowingly.

George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) – is a self-proclaimed believer of the ‘New World Order’, the United Nations global government.  He allowed the U.N. to plan the Gulf War.

Bill Clinton (1993-2001) – educated by the Fabians, did much of their desires, but moved to the middle – to get a second term.  His wife, Hillary, is a strong believer of the United Nations, and pursues their policies.

Barack Obama (2009 – Present) – a well documented Communist, made a saint by the socialist media, censored his beliefs, untruthful, and moves to undermine America’s economic and military power to complete the socialization of America, and give up America’s sovereignty to the United Nation’s global government.  He is bound and determined to complete the job he was elected to do.  Educated as a Communist.

The American Dream is in dire straits.  The Americans do not understand what is going on in their America.  They trust and depend on the America that has become a myth.  But there is a solution to change America back to Her Founder’s principles, save the Constitution, and all it guarantees the people, the Rule of Law, and put and keep America in Patriotic Hands.  America will be for Americans!

Toby Elster


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