What Has Happened to the American Dream? Part IV – Treason from not stopping socialism

Corruption is a mainstay of Socialism.  It arises early, but evidently becomes a necessity in it’s later stages.  For instance, the Soviets had several five-year plans. Publicity wise, they were always successful, except the warehouses were always empty!  Humans will not produce, if they cannot enjoy the fruits of their labor.  In the USSR, they produced enough to keep the elite ruler’s stores full, and for them to trade for the necessities.  It was the peasants who suffered, which we never were told about.  That is corruption too.

What about America?  Politics is always a big item in America, and politicians are mostly corrupt, to remain in office mostly, but those who don’t fear, or are protected by their positions, oftentimes also become criminally corrupt.  Unbeknown to the people, with FDR as President, traitors became a corruption of America, to further the socialization of America and create the one-world government of the United Nation’s world ruling wannabes.

America’s greatest traitors of treason to the Constitution, since the Constitution had to go if America was going to be socialized, America’s foundation, which the Founders warned us to guard, was undermined by the media.  If they would have told the people what was going on, it never would have happened.  First it was the newspapers, then radio, and now the socialists television of the major broadcasting stations.  A Conservative media has arisen, and finally commencing around 1990, a big break-through.  Besides Fox News, many conservative authors began to publish through major publishing houses.  Many long hidden truths are beginning to be exposed.

For instance, the newspapers during the late 30’s began the exposure of Communist spies in America.  The court trials of exposed American Communists for the Soviet were forced onto the pages.  But no background was offered as why it occurred, who was asleep on guard duty.

Finally, in Congress, the House unAmerican Activities Committee, began hearings.  At first I thought it would be great.  The hearings kept getting interrupted, side-tracked, and postponed.  It happened again and again, by a Democrat member of the committee.  After two years, the hearings were disbanded and nothing had come out of them.

If I began to smell a cover-up, I’m sure many others did too.  Then came the vilifying of Senator Joe McCarthy by then President, Truman.  The Senator was trying to tell the people the truth of what FDR had done to America.  There was no doubt now of a big cover-up.  Then a book hit the market by John Stormer, ‘None Dare Call It Treason’.  He had to self-publish, but the book sold seven million copies.  People shrugged their shoulders, but events began to fall in place.  Rumors of military airplanes landing in air bases in northern Montana, and being met by Russian planes, and loaded with unmarked cargo was, during WWII, making it’s rounds among military pilots.  One of the dropped boxes broke and it was only ‘send’, one of the pilots told us.

A few years later, the Soviets had the atomic bomb.  It was determined that FDR had given them the materials to build it.  If that was so, then FDR’s right-hand-man, Harry Hopkins, was America’s greatest spy for the Soviets.  The cover-up was immense.  John Stormer wrote another book, ‘None Dare Call It Treason, 25-years Later’.  Nothing had changed; the media was still silent, the Democrats controlled Congress for 40 years, and American crept further into Socialism.

In 1966, the book, ‘The Fabian Freeway’, by Ruth Martin, a lifetime government employee who was hired by the John Birch Society to write the book, was published.  In 1970, when I started my quest to find out ‘what happened to America’, after five years chasing Communism, with no results, I ran across the book in the local library.  The undermining of America came to light and the events the media had published had answers as to why.  Ten days after I had to return the book, I went to check it out again — and they couldn’t find it.  It didn’t really surprise me, I already knew America’s enemy in our midst was vetoing books they didn’t want exposed, keeping them out of the libraries.

It took twenty more years for the Conservative media to ‘breakout’ of the enemy in our midst’s hold over their media with Fox News.  In 2007, M. Stanton Evans had a major publisher publish his book, ‘Blacklisted by History’ exposing the truths about the vilification of Senator McCarthy.  It got good coverage by the Conservative media but not a mention by the ‘Socialist’ media.

In the late 40’s and 50’s the attack on the Communists sent the Socialists underground.  Many of them ended up in academia, expounding their Socialist poison.  They took over American education.  They still hold it.  In the 60’s, they outed themselves, under the cover of the Vietnam War, and moved into their ‘friendly’ courts to get what Congress would not give them.  The United Nations also outed it’s true objective, a world government of Socialism, the Fabians’ blue print.  Since then, it has been a steady march to getting Communist as President, who destroys American military and economic power, and the Constitution to place America into the U.N.’s global government.

The truths fo America’s history of the 20th century is seeping out.  The conservative media leads the fight against the planned and actively proceeding deterioration of the American Dream, but their attacks leave much to be desired.  They believe in the American myth of the indestructibility of America’ use the politically correct language of the enemy in our midst which they hide their intents, beliefs, and themselves under; which is throwing puffballs at the enemy who use lies, unsavory methods, unscrupulous tricks, and anything goes to win.  Then they wonder why they lose elections.  Even the Tea Parties pursue, with more success, the same methods the conservatives have tried for over 65-years to stop the socialist’s advances in America.  America is already a split society, and the non-taxpayers lean towards keeping america in the Socialist orbit.  America does not understand, and certainly does not know the enemy in their midst.  No wonder the enemy can make putty of their opposition.  No wonder the American Dream is almost all but a myth.

Toby Elster


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