How Atrocious and Dishonest is America’s Liberal, Socialist Press?

I quote from the Wichita Eagle of April 15, 2013 of two-thirds of a front page item, with pictures, headlined, ‘For gun control supporters, hard part has just begun’, over a picture of a wall of guns.  The comment under the pictures reads, ‘Assault weapons and hand guns for sale at Capitol City Arms Supply in Springfield, Ill.  President Obama launched the most sweeping efforts to curb U.S. gun violence in nearly two decades.” (An article by the McClatchy newspapers)

And if anyone believes Obama’s policy on guns is to curb violence, you are reading the wrong material.  Obama has only one solution for American guns and that is to confiscate all guns out of American hands.

What is behind it?  First, who is the United Nations?  The U.N. is an organization of the world’s greatest Socialists.  Their objective is a socialized world under their planned global government.  They are determined to dictate the new-world order of a borderless world divided into trade zones for their one-world government.  The big, powerful drivers behind the United Nations are the world’s richest and most powerful of the bankers, financiers, and major corporations who believe a one-world government is their eternal protection.

Who is Obama?  A Communist!, with a glib tongue.  He was born into a Communist family, raised by Communists, educated by Communists, and is torch bearer for the United Nations to bring American into their global government.  His entire cabinet does his bidding.

Why is he trying to tear America down, destroying Her economic and military power?  Should you wonder why America is on the deep-road to decline and Her Constitution being shredded and ignored?  Socialists are well aware that to change a society, as they are trying to change America, the old must be destroyed first, before a new society can become supreme.  America is well along that road as all in America is under attack, especially the family.

As your Constitutional Foundation keeps telling you, America’s anti-American socialist believers have been chipping away at America’s foundation for over a century already!

AMERICA IS FOR AMERICANS!!!  Add to the definition of Treason in the Constitution to make the enemy in our midst punishable as the Traitors they are for destroying the Constitution, and it will be stopped.  Then America can be restored to Her Founder’s principles and back on the road to peace and prosperity.

Toby Elster



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