More on Impeach Obama

The previous release, which gave several noted writer’s book reviews on Obama’s unConstitutional actions as President, exposing numerous reasons Obama should be impeached.  In fact, there is very little he does that is not unConstitutional, circumventing Congress’ Constitutional duties, such as taxing, and others, all reasons to impeach.  His first act, being elected President, taking the Oath of Office, Obama committed perjury.  The oath calls for defending and protecting the Constitution, which was never in Obama’s mind.  His actions since being President have proven that.  Destroying the Constitution is a must for our socialists and communists; perhaps a ‘game’ to see how much they can continue to destroy, IMPEACH OBAMA!

But there is more.  Since his second term began, Obama has not been able to get any legislation approved by Congress.  Gun control he wanted got shot down; Sequestration, his idea, evidently believing he’d get it changed before the due date, has hurt him. The Republicans held solid, and $85 Billion in cuts went into effect.  Obama showed his childishness, caused inconveniences in air travel (corrected by the House), and stopped children from touring the White House.

The talk show hosts began speaking of Obama as a lame duck President.  No he is not.  He still has the power of Executive Orders, which he has used to circumvent Congress several times before — and We, the People, lose more freedoms and get higher taxes.  What can be done about it?  IMPEACH OBAMA!!!  That will make him a political dead duck.

Obama as a lame duck is as dangerous as ever and a threat to Americans.  Obama must be impeached to make him a political dead duck, unable to govern America.  He does not govern anyway, unless it is to forward his Communist agenda to suit the United Nations.  The unraveling of Benghazi; Obama disappeared when he heard the news.  If you believe in fairies, then he didn’t give the orders to cover it up, as he went out the door.  And all involved in the investigation now call it a cover-up!

To distract attention, Obama orders the IRS to break the news on the Tea Party’s investigations — and take the blame.  He ordered that too.  Even if that is speculation, the odds are it is more truthful then not in understanding a Communist mind.  Friday, May 17th ‘Opinion Line’ by the Wall Street Journal agrees; ‘The IRS Scandal Started at the Top’ headlines a Kimberly Strassel item.  When Obama got word of the Benghazi attack, it seems he ran away from the situation.  ‘How can I be blamed, if I was unavailable?’  All those scandals start at the top with the one who gives the orders.   Those who serve him are ‘yes, sirs’.  They are too petrified to make any decisions of their own.

I listened to one of our distinguished talk show hosts discussing Obama’s predicament, and what should be done.  He talked all around, but never mentioned impeachment once.  This is why it is up to We, the People, to get this out there.  ‘IMPEACH OBAMA, IMPEACH OBAMA’.

Toby Elster


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